25.8.2016 LUMIUS earned almost 3 billion CZK in the first half of 2016

Lumius, spol. s r.o., a wholesale supplier of electricity and gas, earned 2.96 billion CZK in the first six months of this year. It supplied 0.9 TWh of electricity and 1.5 TWh of gas to end customers in the Czech Republic. more

1.12.2015 Lumius moved into new company headquarters

We would like to inform you that as of 1st December 2015 we have moved into our new company headquarters in Sviadnov. From this date our address will change. more

3.3.2015 Are We Going to Tame the Power of Stars?

FUTURE OF ENERGETICS – Can nuclear fusion be closer than we think? The best source known to mankind is located in space approximately 150 million kilometres from us, generating power for billions of years and for billions of years to come. Unfortunately, there is a small catch to it: It has regular, approximately 12-hour outages every day and there are some delivery problems every now and then – especially when it is cloudy. more

26.1.2015 The Giant Slalom Race Knows its Winners

On Monday 26th January 2015, the first year of "LUMIUS – Giant Slalom full of energy" took place in the SKI Centrum in Říčky. A total of 41 racers lined up at the start of the black downhill course. The competitors did not pull any punches, proving so especially in the second round, where most of them improved their times.  more

8.1.2015 What Would Happen if the Taps Were to Shut

NATURAL GAS – How does the plan look for limiting natural gas consumption in case of problems with natural gas supply? The natural gas consumption in the Czech Republic is about eight billion cubic meters nowadays, meaning the consumption of this fuel basically keeps dropping – during the harsh winter of 2001, the consumption was 8.88 billion cubic meters. While necessary for numerous businesses, many households tend to opt out of using natural gas in favour of other forms of heating or water heating. Most of the gas, more than 60 percent, is consumed in the upcoming heating season in particular. more

30.11.2014 Gazprom Profits Freeze up

GAZPROM – According to Russian accounting standards, the clean profit of Russian gasworks giant Gazprom has dropped by almost 92.3 percent to 35.8 billion roubles (574 million EUR) during the last three quarters. The company has stated that the drop is caused by creating reserves for dead assets, especially due to the Ukrainian debt and the drop of the rouble. more

9.11.2014 LUMIUS Has Accumulated 5.5 Billion over Three Quarters

Lumius, spol. s r.o., a company providing power and natural gas for industrial customers, has made 5.5 billion Czech crowns in the nine months of this year. Its end customers in the Czech Republic have been delivered a total of 1.1 TWh of power and 2.4 TWh worth of natural gas. Compared to last year, sales are lower by approximately twenty percent. The result is influenced by the still-significant decrease in prices of both commodities and lowered supplies due to warm weather. more

30.9.2014 AC/DC – The Direct Current Experiences Its Renaissance

ELECTRICITY– After more than 100 years since the start of electrification, direct current can return to distribution networks. This is mostly influenced by the development of consumer electronics, which use DC in the vast majority of cases, as well as renewable sources, which produce this type of power most of the time. In small power plants or large buildings, exclusively direct current networks can start making sense in the near future. more

22.9.2014 50 Billion Crowns for Czech Leaderships

In the next ten years, the supervisor of the Czech transfer company ČEPS is going to invest 50 billion crowns into the development and renewal of the distribution network. However, they do not know yet if they are going to be able to cover part of the budget from European structural funds, since the ministry of industry has already been trying to get 7 billion crown for high voltage network construction, said E15.. more

22.8.2014 Abolition of Temelín is not the End for Nuclear Power in the Czech Republic

NUCLEAR POWER – In April, ČEZ has decided that construction will remain unfinished for now. Low power costs mean that the project currently does not make sense from an economical standpoint. There is currently no banking institution which would agree to support the project with a high enough financial amount. Naturally for this situation, the state has decided to guarantee a buy-out price against the idea. more


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