Lumius, spol. s r.o. is a holder of licences for power and gas trading. It was founded on 17th April 2002 as a purely Czech company, which it has remained to this day. However, thanks to the securities, business and licence links to our other companies across the European markets, it now forms a group with significant activities outside the Czech energy market as well.

At the beginning of its activity, Lumius focused on wholesale power distribution. With the opening of the energy market, it extended its focus to encompass retail power distribution, as well as retail gas distribution since 2008. Since the beginning, Lumius intentionally focused on the category of medium and large consumers, being one of the most significant current distributors of power and gas in the Czech Republic in this segment. Our position on the Czech market was confirmed by coming 55th in the Czech Top 100 enquiry among the most significant companies in 2014.

Lumius is an active participant at a majority of significant business places in Europe (such as EEX, PXE, OTE, OKTE, EXAA, TFS, ICAP). In addition to numerous bi-lateral relationships, we have the opportunity to work our power and gas portfolios with a considerable amount of flexibility.

The basis of the attitude of Lumius has always been taking the customers' needs into account. We consistently expand our assortment with new services, created with regards to customer satisfaction. The company has established important innovations in the energy trading area as well. For example, it has helped to establish one-component prices for withdrawn gas on the Czech market with its attitude, significantly simplifying and clarifying gas take-off billing. Nowadays, this billing method has basically become industrial standard. Lumius also belongs to pioneers of the so-called step-by-step energy purchasing, which has become a very popular method of fixing prices for energy commodities among customers.

Supply of electricity and natural gas to final customers (GWh)

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During its activities, the company fully enforces its management system according to the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We acquired certification for power and gas trading activities in 2006, as the first company in the Czech Republic. Since 2009, our management system has been expanded by environment protection.

With the certification, we prove control and constant improvement of the company management system.

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