Lumius is primarily focused on delivering power to customers connected from the level of high or very high voltage, i.e. 1 kV or higher. Considering that these customers have varied demands in terms of power delivery and related services, we offer a completely individual approach and are even prepared to look for novel solutions. Standard power delivery products include Fix, Step-by-step and Spot. The customer has the opportunity to try a combination of individual approaches or have a product literally "tailored" for them.



When purchasing power based on the FIX product, the price is set regarding the characteristics of the customer's subscription, and corresponds to prices on the electricity market at the given moment.

The benefit of this product is how simple it is to set a price, especially its fixed value for the entire related time period. This way, it is easier for the customer to predict their power delivery costs in future periods. The disadvantage of this product is the necessity to decide for the purchase at the given time and the related incapability to react to potential price drops in the future.



Step-by-Step purchase allows spreading the risk of choosing an inappropriate time of purchasing power. This means that the price of the power is not set at one time, but instead determined in several purchase steps – so-called tranches, which are always related to the selected referential market (power stock-exchange). When employing this method of purchase, Lumius assumes the role of expert counsel to advice customers on an optimal purchase strategy, as well as terms of individual purchases. However, the final decision is always with the consumer. By suitable combinations of power products and times of purchase, lower average prices for power delivery can be achieved compared to the Fic product.

With the Step-by-Step product, the customer has more control of the resulting price for power delivery, along with the opportunity of flexible responses to variances in the industrial power market. The disadvantages of this product are increased demands put on the purchase process and more difficult predictions of real power delivery costs for the period which are not yet fully purchased for.



The SPOT product allows the customer to purchase power in conditions accurately reflecting a situation on market. Power is purchased on a daily market with each hour appraised separately according to the price on the short-term power market. The delivery price is subsequently calculated as a weighted average of the prices for all hours in the month, where the weight is represented by the actual consumption during individual hours of the delivery month.

The Spot product provides customers with a price that accurately corresponds with the current status on the power market at the time the power is turned off. This fact can be understood both as a benefit and a disadvantage – therefore, it is necessary to expect the price to be more volatile during individual hours and periods. Moreover, there are increased demands put on the customer when arranging a diagram for delivery.


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